Our Philosophy

Cheder Menachem Early Learning Centre is committed to providing a warm, loving environment, infused with Jewish values and traditions, where children receive quality education and care by reflective educators who are guided by professional standards. We are inspired by the Chabad Rebbeim – leaders and mentors – who emphasized the lifelong impact of early years education.

Traditional Jewish values and ethics – belief in G-d, Ahavas Yisrael (love of fellow man), Torah study, and practice of Mitzvos (good deeds) – are central to our philosophy. Underpinning our belief system is the warmth and vitality of Chassidic thought and practice. Children are educated to appreciate diversity, respect the environment, and become responsible members of a sustainable world. Above all, each child is welcomed and loved, creating a fertile learning environment where children flourish.

Our program is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework, Belonging, Being, Becoming (2009), which identifies five learning outcomes for children:  strong identity, connection to community, physical and emotional well being, confident learning, and effective communication. We recognize that a key way that children develop during the early years is through play, a central focus in our daily routine.

Our program is tailored to meet the needs and interests of individual children, and groups. This is accomplished through a comprehensive cycle of observation and collecting information, which is used to plan stimulating experiences. The service recognizes that children belong to families and communities. Family partnerships in making and evaluating the service’s policies are essential to our philosophy. We offer a variety of opportunities for family engagement and value ongoing communication as a vehicle for achieving the best outcomes for children.

This philosophy will act as a basis for service operation, goals, policies, and procedures. This philosophy will be regularly reviewed, reflecting our commitment to ongoing improvement.